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I'm thinking about offering up my photography, and only my photography thus far, as prints on DA. Thing is, I'm not sure if the prices are worth it. It's under a buck fifty profit for a 9x12 print unless I go with a Matte sheen, in which case it's $4. I'm probably not going to find any other efficient way to sell my photography-or any artwork, unless I'm keen on chucking out ridiculous amounts on supplies that I can't afford-unless I go that route. If I end up managing enough with the free account, I might consider getting a Premium (in which case I'd get to choose my royalty), but that's a consideration that's so up in the air and in the future that I don't even need to think about that right now.

I'm trying to think whether or not it'd be worth it as a way to get my art sales kickstarted. DA might suck, but it has a huge userbase, and my artwork is the kind that's never given me problems with submission rules.

Of course, then I'd have to write out commission standards on my profile. Oh yeah. ....This is doable, even if it does suck up some brainpower.

Thoughts? Feedback? Stuff I'm missing? Been wanting to get my artwork up for sale for ages, but never really had the impetus to get it really started, thinking I was just another username out there. And then I got about fifty favorites in one night from one set of photos from the camping and zoo trips from last year. O.o

(Multiplicity wise, this isn't so horrible an idea. A lot of people who front in this body are artists, and many of them like photography and I think could work well with several other of the fine arts that this body favors. This is not exclusive to me here, even if the sewing might be and the jewelry spans a narrower range of fronters. Not like horrific amounts of people are worried about that, but I am. I don't front nearly as much as I used to.)



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