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We're alive. We're hanging in there. We are not well as a whole. I as an individual entity am finally falling to fucking pieces and sunk so low that "I can't do it" has been known to escape my lips. Fortunately I've only sunk this low today, but I've been flirting with the line since Shadow died. And my individual physical health is utter shit. I'm starving-both energy and blood, I cannot hold either, and there is simply not enough people around with enough blood or energy to feed me-and I was already sick. Yay. Not. 

System update, and possible much longer "I feel like shit" wangst post from me, to come later if I can manage it. If. Not like anyone'll be missing out on anything if I don't post it. It's just more of this. People don't need that. You'll get it because I need to write it if I have it in me. But.

Sorry for not answering messages well, apologies for being MIA for the most part. We have not had it in us no matter the fronter (and there have been many) to get on the computer. This for both bio-body and in-system reasons be they mental or physical either way.

This post will remain public so that I can answer comments (to this post only, I can't answer comments that are under filters) through the day if people really want to speak with this emo-tastic mood. After the end of the day it will go to friends only.

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What I'd like to be called: Shadow
Real name? No, but inasmuch as I have-it will do.
Gender: Definitively female.
What I am: Human, but very strongly intertwined with the panther archetype, so that I am rarely anything other than distinctly feline, distinctly archetypal. It's akin to the blasted "Black panther" archetype, but it's just as much jaguar as that.

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Yeah, I'm caving and making separate intro-posts to link to in the general one. Forgive the spam.

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