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Hello, person reading this post. ;-) As you will know if by chance you read our filters post already, we're a multiple system. We use the word with the definition of "more than one person functionally living in one head/body". Our system name is Rhiannon, shorthand Rhi, which we prefer when you're referring to us as a whole.

Our current tally is unknown-there is a handful of folks at the back which do not transfer to the front-but our known tally, and the people who have the most effect on the outside life (and thus a say in anything going on in it) is as follows-there are intros linked with the name, for those of us who have them. (The rest will be filled in as time, energy, and memory allow):


There's another member named James, who recently detached himself from the system but is still dearly loved and visits often. We don't know our origins. We've had several possible theories of how our multiplicity came to pass, but the most solid things we have to go off of is a) that Shadow and Lisa are recent dissociations (Shadow more developed than Lisa), and b) that we have been multiple since somewhere around age three to four. We are not sure if we were before then, but we're pretty sure we were at that point forward.

Rachel's been fronting since that time, to September 2007 when Shadow split off from her. Early 2008, Alyssa presented herself, after having become aware of herself mid-summer of the year before. We're not sure when James woke, but he presented himself early summer 2008. Most of the rest of the known tally became known between December 2008 and February 2009. Lisa was part of that group, she split from Alyssa in December.

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Hallo, I be Brigh. I be one of the Network who be usin' this journal, an' I be one who be participatin' in LJ Idol. Not sure if any o' the rest o' us be participatin on any basis, I only be speakin' for me-an I don' be havin' me own journal. While I not be doin' it on an official basis, an' thus this post not be completely necessary, I be participatin' in the Home Game. Figure it be a better idea to be havin' a short intro to prod em to, rather than have to answer who I be a dozen or few times.

I be one o' three co-mains in this body. Ta'eris an' Velvet be the other two. Ta'eris ye can to be findin' at dance_of_flames on LJ, or dance_of_fire on DW. I be Irish, as can be easily found from me typin' pattern, an' I was one of the old guard druids, the "real thing", one o' the females. Me father was Cu Chulainn, me mother Fand, I be one o' the daughters not writ in lore. I take after me da in will an temper, me ma in talents an' grace. Aye, this mean tha' I be half human, half Tuatha De. I died for the last time somewhere between 600-900AD, an' I woke up here. I still be havin' some o' the skills I did, but obviously it not be possible to be as much as I was then. I be very strong willed. When I not be practicin' me arts as a druid (which be rare nowadays), I be a chef, bartender, healer, brewer, blacksmith, an' family woman. I am polyamorous an' bisexual; I have one husband an' several loves. I had a second spouse, but he died recently...as did my eldest daughter, Aoibheann (pronounced EE-ban). I also be pagan. I loosely follow modern day Druidry, currently through ADF, but I really just forge me own way with me gods-Dian Cecht and Brigid are me two main patron deities-as I an' They see fit.

How I be writin' this be how I think an' how I talk, but no promises as to whether or no I'll to be writin' me pieces like this. I missed the sign up for Idol isself, but I'll to be doin' each topic as a Home Game as often as I can to be managin'. No promises what ye to be findin'. An keep an eye for me Network mates-no tellin' what they all be writin' for this when they be feelin' like it. ;) Nice to be meetin' ye.

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What I'd like to be called: Shadow
Real name? No, but inasmuch as I have-it will do.
Gender: Definitively female.
What I am: Human, but very strongly intertwined with the panther archetype, so that I am rarely anything other than distinctly feline, distinctly archetypal. It's akin to the blasted "Black panther" archetype, but it's just as much jaguar as that.

Intro here. )

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Yeah, I'm caving and making separate intro-posts to link to in the general one. Forgive the spam.

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