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This journal is friends only. Please read through the profile, this, and the introduction post. You'll see most of the stuff there you need to know whether or not you really want to friend us. If you still do after that, comment here to be added.

If we don't know you, we likely won't add you unless we know you've been prodded to us by someone  we know, and even that's not a guarantee. No offense intended here, we're just not keen on having people we're uncomfortable with from the start on our journal. If we know you-please tell us who you are and where we know you from, so that...you know, we know who you are.

Requisites for being friended here, whether we know you or not:

1) Respect our shit. It's real to us, even if it's completely crazy to you, so please treat it like it's real while on our journal.

2) Keep what is in our journal, in our journal. Don't discuss it outside the journal and/or filter(s) without express permission. We're a tad picky about privacy, and we give this courtesy to those on our f-lists, so we expect it. Not to mention the fact that we're not out as multiple to everyone, and we do NOT want to be unwillingly outed.

You stick to that, you're good. ;-)

We also reserve the right to de-friend or un-filter anyone due to overly excessive amounts of discomfort or anxiety. We don't do either de-friending or un-filtering lightly in any way, shape or form-but if it ever becomes necessary, we will. However, we always let people know when we de-friend them. Not so much when we un-filter them, though.

Now that the basics have been gotten out of the way, what you'll see on our journal.

We don't use filters too much anymore, due to practicality and simplicity. Our phone-intarnetz don't allow us to use filters, and we think it pointless to use filters on the computer if we can't use them on the phone. But we usually stick some qualifiers, and the author, in curly-brackets in the post subject.

Here's what you'll see for "categories" of subjects, and some descriptions.

Subject-tags, and their descriptions. )

And, of course:

General: Anything that doesn't fit in the above.

As mentioned, we don't use filters much anymore. The only time that we might, is if there's something posted we're extremely nervous/paranoid about, and that'll merely be a trusted filter. You don't get to choose whether you're on that, but you can ask to be taken off it at any point.


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Hello, person reading this post. ;-) As you will know if by chance you read our filters post already, we're a multiple system. We use the word with the definition of "more than one person functionally living in one head/body". Our system name is Rhiannon, shorthand Rhi, which we prefer when you're referring to us as a whole.

Our current tally is unknown-there is a handful of folks at the back which do not transfer to the front-but our known tally, and the people who have the most effect on the outside life (and thus a say in anything going on in it) is as follows-there are intros linked with the name, for those of us who have them. (The rest will be filled in as time, energy, and memory allow):


There's another member named James, who recently detached himself from the system but is still dearly loved and visits often. We don't know our origins. We've had several possible theories of how our multiplicity came to pass, but the most solid things we have to go off of is a) that Shadow and Lisa are recent dissociations (Shadow more developed than Lisa), and b) that we have been multiple since somewhere around age three to four. We are not sure if we were before then, but we're pretty sure we were at that point forward.

Rachel's been fronting since that time, to September 2007 when Shadow split off from her. Early 2008, Alyssa presented herself, after having become aware of herself mid-summer of the year before. We're not sure when James woke, but he presented himself early summer 2008. Most of the rest of the known tally became known between December 2008 and February 2009. Lisa was part of that group, she split from Alyssa in December.

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I'm thinking about offering up my photography, and only my photography thus far, as prints on DA. Thing is, I'm not sure if the prices are worth it. It's under a buck fifty profit for a 9x12 print unless I go with a Matte sheen, in which case it's $4. I'm probably not going to find any other efficient way to sell my photography-or any artwork, unless I'm keen on chucking out ridiculous amounts on supplies that I can't afford-unless I go that route. If I end up managing enough with the free account, I might consider getting a Premium (in which case I'd get to choose my royalty), but that's a consideration that's so up in the air and in the future that I don't even need to think about that right now.

I'm trying to think whether or not it'd be worth it as a way to get my art sales kickstarted. DA might suck, but it has a huge userbase, and my artwork is the kind that's never given me problems with submission rules.

Of course, then I'd have to write out commission standards on my profile. Oh yeah. ....This is doable, even if it does suck up some brainpower.

Thoughts? Feedback? Stuff I'm missing? Been wanting to get my artwork up for sale for ages, but never really had the impetus to get it really started, thinking I was just another username out there. And then I got about fifty favorites in one night from one set of photos from the camping and zoo trips from last year. O.o

(Multiplicity wise, this isn't so horrible an idea. A lot of people who front in this body are artists, and many of them like photography and I think could work well with several other of the fine arts that this body favors. This is not exclusive to me here, even if the sewing might be and the jewelry spans a narrower range of fronters. Not like horrific amounts of people are worried about that, but I am. I don't front nearly as much as I used to.)

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We're alive. We're hanging in there. We are not well as a whole. I as an individual entity am finally falling to fucking pieces and sunk so low that "I can't do it" has been known to escape my lips. Fortunately I've only sunk this low today, but I've been flirting with the line since Shadow died. And my individual physical health is utter shit. I'm starving-both energy and blood, I cannot hold either, and there is simply not enough people around with enough blood or energy to feed me-and I was already sick. Yay. Not. 

System update, and possible much longer "I feel like shit" wangst post from me, to come later if I can manage it. If. Not like anyone'll be missing out on anything if I don't post it. It's just more of this. People don't need that. You'll get it because I need to write it if I have it in me. But.

Sorry for not answering messages well, apologies for being MIA for the most part. We have not had it in us no matter the fronter (and there have been many) to get on the computer. This for both bio-body and in-system reasons be they mental or physical either way.

This post will remain public so that I can answer comments (to this post only, I can't answer comments that are under filters) through the day if people really want to speak with this emo-tastic mood. After the end of the day it will go to friends only.

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What I'd like to be called: Shadow
Real name? No, but inasmuch as I have-it will do.
Gender: Definitively female.
What I am: Human, but very strongly intertwined with the panther archetype, so that I am rarely anything other than distinctly feline, distinctly archetypal. It's akin to the blasted "Black panther" archetype, but it's just as much jaguar as that.

Intro here. )

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Yeah, I'm caving and making separate intro-posts to link to in the general one. Forgive the spam.

Intro here )


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