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What I'd like to be called: Shadow
Real name? No, but inasmuch as I have-it will do.
Gender: Definitively female.
What I am: Human, but very strongly intertwined with the panther archetype, so that I am rarely anything other than distinctly feline, distinctly archetypal. It's akin to the blasted "Black panther" archetype, but it's just as much jaguar as that.

How I got here: Well. THAT is a story. Somewhere around September or so 2007, Rachel discovered that she's got a lot more to her than just her healer complex and her good qualities, that she's got a whole lot of ugly, ignoble history. The memories got triggered up by a book she was reading. That was hard enough on her that I got torn off, literally kicking and screaming. She called me her "shadowself", amongst a couple other less complimentary names, which is where I chose my name. Her Mother showed Herself to Rachel shortly after that, leaving one of Her crows in the head. That crow, when Rachel foolishly released it from where it had been contained in the barn, melded with myself, so that I was thus half torn piece, half Morrighan-crow. Rachel tried to integrate me time and time again, and succeeded insofar as she was able, but of course she could not integrate her Mother's crow. I was around such as that for several months. I was torn from the head three times, the third of which was around January/February 2008, at which point the crow was extracted from myself and returned to Morrighan, and I was eventually returned to Rachel. I went to the back of the head for a good long while, as I was quite disoriented, but I have within the past few months slowly progressed back to the front. I am much as I was then, only with some small differences.

Appearance: Quite similar to Alyssa, oddly enough. Similar enough that for a long, long while, Rachel got her and I confused. Short, maybe five foot two at most. Very curvy, though very slightly pear-shaped-slightly enough so you could barely tell. Longish hair, dark brown/black, curly. If you have seen Van Helsing, Anna's hair in that movie is close enough for comparison. My features are very pronounced. I have a face that is a mixture of round, oval, and heart shaped, due to the fact that my eyes are quite large. They are very feline, however, and are black. My skin is pale, but has brown undertones, instead of pinkish or blueish. I usually wear dark brown, black, and on occasion dark blue fitted leather and fabrics that go well with. Pants and a...sort of jacket/tunic/jerkin, is the best combination I can give from the vocabulary this body has. I wear boots, but they are soft leather, with no hard soles, and I can move in them as if I were in bare feet. When I do not, I wear a gown of similar type to the one in my icon.

Snarking, bladeplay, swordplay and sparring, taking care of my own, disruptive amusement (so long as the disruption is not caused by myself), lilting rock, a good drink, good company, and well-worn, familiar clothing. To start off with.
Dislikes: Unearned biases, disrespect, living in a way one considers dishonorable, anything that threatens me and mine, unnecessary drama, indirectness, pink. And all other light colors.

Mannerisms: Very feline, all of them.

My lives as I remember them: ...Honestly, I need more time to think through it before I write too much on the subject. I was a mercenary in Ireland, at a point. For the time of my life that I did that job, I lived in bloodlust, enjoying far too much what I did, and I was a drunken lout. I cannot remember what, but eventually sometime something turned me to the point where I left that and had a family. That's all I remember, in sum up. I do not remember what time it was.


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