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Hallo, I be Brigh. I be one of the Network who be usin' this journal, an' I be one who be participatin' in LJ Idol. Not sure if any o' the rest o' us be participatin on any basis, I only be speakin' for me-an I don' be havin' me own journal. While I not be doin' it on an official basis, an' thus this post not be completely necessary, I be participatin' in the Home Game. Figure it be a better idea to be havin' a short intro to prod em to, rather than have to answer who I be a dozen or few times.

I be one o' three co-mains in this body. Ta'eris an' Velvet be the other two. Ta'eris ye can to be findin' at dance_of_flames on LJ, or dance_of_fire on DW. I be Irish, as can be easily found from me typin' pattern, an' I was one of the old guard druids, the "real thing", one o' the females. Me father was Cu Chulainn, me mother Fand, I be one o' the daughters not writ in lore. I take after me da in will an temper, me ma in talents an' grace. Aye, this mean tha' I be half human, half Tuatha De. I died for the last time somewhere between 600-900AD, an' I woke up here. I still be havin' some o' the skills I did, but obviously it not be possible to be as much as I was then. I be very strong willed. When I not be practicin' me arts as a druid (which be rare nowadays), I be a chef, bartender, healer, brewer, blacksmith, an' family woman. I am polyamorous an' bisexual; I have one husband an' several loves. I had a second spouse, but he died recently...as did my eldest daughter, Aoibheann (pronounced EE-ban). I also be pagan. I loosely follow modern day Druidry, currently through ADF, but I really just forge me own way with me gods-Dian Cecht and Brigid are me two main patron deities-as I an' They see fit.

How I be writin' this be how I think an' how I talk, but no promises as to whether or no I'll to be writin' me pieces like this. I missed the sign up for Idol isself, but I'll to be doin' each topic as a Home Game as often as I can to be managin'. No promises what ye to be findin'. An keep an eye for me Network mates-no tellin' what they all be writin' for this when they be feelin' like it. ;) Nice to be meetin' ye.

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